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Product Information

Presenting Swivel Store!
The Swivel Store unique design slides forward then swivels like a revolving door so you can easily find the spice bottle you are looking for.

Just place Swivel Store in your cabinet and you have 10 spices on each side of the rack. So your spices are always easy to find and you get more room in your cabinets.

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Swivel Store Features

  • Fits in less than 4" of space
  • olds 20 bottles each
  • Fits all standard bottles
  • No installation required
  • Space saving solution
  • Get more room and cabinet space

The Swivel Store!

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Are the spice bottles in your kitchen out of control? Or do you end up searching in every cabinet and go through bottle after bottle just to find the one you want? What you need is Swivel Store – the space saving organizer that conveniently keeps all your spices in less than 4 inches of space. Just slide and swivel and the spice you need is right at your fingertips.

How It Works

Swivel Store Organizes Your Cabinets!

Swivel Store turns any clutter mess into an organized success. Its unique design glides forward and then swivels like a revolving door holding up to 20 spices right where you can see them and reach them with ease. Swivel Store fits all standard size spice containers and bottles, yet takes up no more space than a cereal box.

No installation is required for Swivel Store. All you need to do is place it in your cabinet. Then, just slide and swivel and you've got 10 spices on one side and 10 on the other. This way, your spices are always easy to find and you can get more room in your cabinets.

Swivel Store is also great to organize pill bottles and medication. Perfectly organize your craft and office supplies. Clear up the clutter in workshops and garages. It keeps everything you need right at hand.

Swivel Store is the only organizer that slides, swivel, and store up to 20 bottles and gives you more room in your cabinets. Get Swivel Store for your kitchen, medicines, and crafts.